Laboratory Angulema is a company financed through national capital, founded in 1993. Its headquarters are in Leganés, Madrid.

Since 1993, Angulema very effectively markets its vaccines in Spain.

Angulema is specialized exclusively in the manufacture and commercialization of individualized treatments of autovaccines, bacterial vaccines and allergenic vaccines, using the best raw materials. Angulema collaborates with the most important laboratories, of national as well as international fame.

All our products are authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicine (AEMPS).

Angulema is a company well-established within the immunotherapy sector, and expanding; because of this the company has increased its internal and external resources, putting them at the disposition of professional practitioners and their patients.

The main objective of Angulema for the coming years is to offer a better service and higher quality to the patient through its unique activities creating individualized vaccines.