Allergen Extract

Allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction to one or more allergens by exposure to the same , initiating immune mechanisms in the patient. Vaccination with allergens , at optimal doses at regular intervals, by increasing concentration preparations has been demonstrated as an effective treatment in patients sensitized to the previously identified the etiological agent that causes inducing tolerance necessary for controlling the allergic response. Due to different sensitivities and responsiveness to each allergen immunotherapy treatments for the Angouleme individually prepared specifically for each patient prescription .

Starting allergenic extracts for preparing allergenic Angouleme Vaccines are very diverse ( trees and grass pollens , animal dander , dust mites , fungi … ) . The activity of the extracts is valued at 10,000 therapeutic units per milliliter ( TU / ml ) . That is, produce a skin reaction in allergic individuals to extract the same size as those caused by a reference solution of histamine at 10 mg / ml . This assessment is equivalent to 10,000 biological units per milliliter ( BU / ml ) . From this initial concentration , by successive dilutions , different vaccine vials are made. In vaccines Oral administration ( sublingual), the starting concentration of different allergen extracts is 30,000 BU / ml.


Hyposensitizer DEPOT Vaccine:

Allergenic extracts adsorbed to aluminum hydroxide and diluted carbol saline.

Vial number Concentration (U. B. /ml)
3 8.500
2 850
1 85
0 8,5

For the Further treatment: 2 Vials of nº 3.

Polymerized Hyposensitizer Vaccine:

Glutaraldehyde polymerized allergen extracts and diluted carbol saline.

Vial number Concentration (U. B. /ml)
3 10.000
2 1.000
1 100
0 10

For the Further treatment: 2 Vials of nº 3.

Hyposensitizer Oral Vaccine (sublingual ):

Allergenic extracts glycerinated suspended in saline.

Vial number Concentration (U. B. /ml)
3 30.000
2 3.000
1 300
0 30

For the Further treatment: 2 Vials of nº 3.